High Tea, ICC style!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, ICC decided to celebrate moms a little early and host a Tea Party a week before the big day. Also thinking ahead to the Royal Wedding (you know the one…unless you’ve been living under a rock as they say!! LOL), this was the perfect occasion to enjoy a more refined afternoon – after last month’s fun but unpredictable Cook Off.

So our members all prepared some tasty, dainty, english-y treats and brought their most prized china teacups and teapots to share tea with. Wearing their best High Tea attires, including some very stylish headgear, they had  a very “posh” British afternoon.
“Blimey”!  Not too sure which was the most impressive: our hat collection or the tea cups display?
We all brought sets that were dear to us: here: a beautiful Ukrainian tea pot, there: two sets handed down from our mothers-in-law.

As always, the buffet was ‘”bloody” amazing and delicious. Thanks to our host whose dining room was “brilliant” for this special occasion.
We spent a lot of time taking pictures before we settled down!
One member told us how she loves to have High Tea in fancy hotels, and always tries to make time for it when she travels. Although there are a few excellent spots without having to go too far: we mentioned The Pierre, The Plaza and Tea and Simplicity in the City, as well as The Silver Tip in Tarrytown. 
High Tea was historically reserved for the English upper class and was served around 4pm. It was often the opportunity to gossip with no “help” around, since most servants were busy preparing supper at that time! Traditionally, the menu would include bite size sandwiches made with cucumbers, cheese, eggs, or salmon for example, scones and crumpets served with jams, lemon curd and clotted cream. Last Sunday, we made all these AND not to “over-egg the pudding”, we also served cold carrot and basil soup, cold green pea soup, yogurt parfait with granola from Japan, a Victoria cake (made with homemade strawberry jam and whipped cream), cheese served with walnut crackers and fruit chutney, lemon cookies, chicken salad, potato pancakes and dulce de leche cookies.
Of course, we also made tea, infused for 4 minutes exactly, and learned about the proper way to drink it: No milk in herbal/root or green tea. Milk is usually reserved for black tea, but “bloody hell”!!!, don’t put it in the pot!!! (pardon my French!)
All in all, it was a “fine and dandy” afternoon! You only need to have a look at this gorgeous display to believe it!!


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